I like to view myself as a user experience superhero working at PTC. My geeky disguise has been developed for a long time and dates all the way back to when I lived in Sweden. To enhance my disguise, I obtained an M.S in Physics Engineering with a concentration in human factors from Lulea University of Technology.

My superhero skills got a kick start when I ran my own consultancy in Sweden and fought tough battles with clients’ poor user interfaces. After I moved across the Atlantic, I continued my path of fighting bad guys as a consultant, but I started to feel as some might have been on to me so I decided to amp up the geekyness again. This time I decided to obtain a second Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Nowadays, I am a bit more focused in my battles and only fights off poor user experiences within PTC’s products. At the same time trying to keep a low profile by reading UX and business books.

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