Evaluation of a business platform

Client: Regional Financial Institution
Project Characteristics: Usability test | Strategy | Mobile
Industry: Finance

This project was a continuation of An institution’s first usability test and Continuation of an institution’s first usability test. After the previous rounds of usability testing, it became clear that the external agency was unable to create a good enough user experience. Our recommendation was to change the development process. We provided ideas of how they could develop the system with a better focus on UX. After making necessary changes in their process and developing a new interface, they were now ready to test their improved redesign. I was the lead for this project and helped them evaluate the new experience and presented the final results to the client team of roughly 30 employees including some executives.

Project goals:

  1. Evaluate the new design of the system and provide insights of how it can be improved.
  2. Focus on one user group and evaluate both mobile and desktop experiences.
  3. Suggest improvements of their overall design process.


  1. Audience for the presentation consisted of executives and the design team resulting in the need of a high-level overview for executives and in-depth details for the design team.


The client had followed all of our previous process recommendations and now developed a remarkable experience in the new platform. The report clearly reflected this outstanding improvement, including, for example, how their System Usability Scale rating had gone from being in the bottom 50% to now ending up in the top 5%. The client’s design team also created a highlight video clearly displaying how customers were extremely impressed of their new design. At this point, there was no need to provide any additional recommendations regarding improvements of the client’s processes.