Iteration of an investment adviser platform – Round 4

Client: One of the largest financial institutions in North America
Project Characteristics: Concept test | Iterative | Niche users | Remote testing
Industry: Finance

One of the top financial companies in North America has been in the process of building a platform for financial advisers. The platform consisted of many different sections and in this round, they were interested in better understanding the needs of Firm and Branch Managers. The client had developed a concept and screenshots with a variety of data. I was the manager for this project where we applied a concept test to better understand the managers’ needs and gauge their understanding of the data.

Project goals:

  1. Understand if the suggested system would provide any value for the managers.
  2. Identify if relevant information was presented together or if they had a preference of which information should be next to one another.
  3. Gain an understanding of which areas they should keep/change in future iterations.


  1. The client wanted to gain insight on many things, but since the participants were professionals, it was only possible to schedule 30-minute sessions.
  2. The client used a standard report template, so we had to make sure to follow it.


To make sure the client gained feedback on all of the different components, we rotated the areas discussed with each participant and ensured that participants moved along rapidly. At the end of the study, we were able to provide valuable insights to all of the client’s questions so they were able to take the design into the next iteration. In addition, we also succeeded in delivering a report according to the client’s standard and also provided ideas of how the report could be improved.