Understanding technology needs for digital sales associates

Client: Major tech company
Project Characteristics: Service design | Journey maps | Personas | World – wide
Industry: Technology

The client’s industry had traditionally been conducting sales in person through either partner companies located in the customers’ regions or alternatively having their own sales representative(s) located in the region. During the last year and a half, the client has developed a digital sales team that only interface with prospects and customers remotely. At this point, the client wanted to better understand the technological needs for their remote sales associates so they could make improvements. I was the lead for this project and traveled to two client sites for data collection (U.S. and Europe). I also developed artifacts, including journey maps and personas, and generated a final report.

Project goals:

  1. Understand the technological needs of the remote sales associates and provide suggested improvements.
  2. Provide a better understanding of how different user groups have different needs and how to best address their pain points.
  3. Understand how the sales associates resolve problems with technology and identify whether their helpdesk process can be improved.


  1. The project had a relatively short timeline that made it challenging to gain enough understanding of the system.
  2. Traveling to a new location and having the client in charge of the internal recruit caused some minor problems.


Even though we had a short timeline we were able to provide the client with valuable insights allowing them to make improvements that would help the remote sales associates become more successful. We identified some differences between the user groups, but one more important finding was that there was a lot of overlap between the sales people. They often came across the same types of issues, just in different ways. It was also clear that the sales representatives had a clear understanding of how to solve technological problems and that the help desk process was working well.