Evaluating a tablet application

Client: A large financial institution in U.S.
Project Characteristics: Usability test | Tablet application | Metrics
Industry: Finance

One of the largest U.S. financial institutions was in the process of redesigning their online banking system (post-login). Earlier in the year, I evaluated their website efforts (capturing the users mental model and iterative improvement of an online system). They were now in the process of developing a tablet application and wanted to gain insight regarding an unreleased tablet application that was previously developed for another country. This application had not gone through any usability testing during development.

Project goals:

  1. Identify usability issues and determine if the application is ready to be released as is, or whether fixes are needed.
  2. Discover if there are any missing features.
  3. Ascertain if the user experience is consistent across different platforms, screen sizes and screen orientations.


  1. Conduct remote mobile testing in a rented facility, which meant transporting a considerable amount of equipment from our own facility.
  2. Develop and track usability metrics that made sense for the test.


After the study, it was concluded that some of the instructions and features required minor improvements prior to launch, but all necessary functionality was present. The metrics collected helped reveal that participants using a small tablet in portrait orientation experienced slightly worse performance.