Improved an institution’s information architecture

Client: Regional institution
Project Characteristics: Organization unfamiliar with information architecture research | multiple user segments | Evaluation of 3 IAs | Tree testing
Industry: Finance

A regional institution was about to redesign their customer-facing website (the area prior to login) and needed assistance structuring information on their site. As a project manager, I conducted a tree test and also provided expertise and support to the client.

Project goals:

  1. Evaluate three different information architecture structures and based on the insight create one final architecture they could move forward with.
  2. Investigate differences in performance between different user groups (private, investors, and small business).
  3. Guide the client through the process and make sure it stays on track.


  1. Working with an external panel and making sure their demographic information about participants was still valid before including them in our study.
  2. Analyzing a large data set (600+ participants) and making sure actionable insight was collected.
  3. Selecting a subset of the information architecture to test since everything can’t be tested.


With a lot of collaboration with the client, we were able to test and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the three suggested information architectures. This lead to the creation of one final information architecture they could use for their new design.