Improved online system

Client: Regional institution
Project Characteristics: Expert review | Visual design | External limitations
Industry: Finance

This regional institution was receiving a heavy load of customer support calls from customers who had problems using the institution’s website to set up an online account or perform basic tasks. As the project manager, I worked closely with the client to identify major usability issues and create a new design that helped make the system easier to use.

Project goals:

  1. Identify usability issues on key pages of the existing online system
  2. Create new designs that take into account limited flexibility in the existing system
  3. Decrease customer support calls


  1. Understand which pieces of the existing system could be modified
  2. Creating a user-friendly design within the limitations of the framework


The final design contained significant improvements to flows within individual pages, and used visuals in key areas to help direct the users’ attention. After implementation, the support calls decreased with questions relating to the improved pages.