Improvements of online platform

Client: A large financial institution in U.S.
Project Characteristics: Usability test | Iterative testing | Tablet application | Prototype testing
Industry: Finance

Two previous projects (Iterative improvement of an online system, and Evaluating a tablet application) had been the main foundation for a major redesign of an online system (post-login). At this point, the client had hired an external design agency to develop a prototype of a tablet application. My team and I conducted a usability test of the prototype. Testing was conducted over 3 days. The designers planned on making updates overnight for the next day of testing, but were unable to make all necessary updates.

Project goals:

  1. Determine if the tablet app is easy to navigate.
  2. Investigate if participants can easily accomplish key banking activities.
  3. Assess whether the experience is consistent across operating systems and tablet sizes.


  1. The prototype provided from the external vendor was functioning poorly and caused challenges during testing.
  2. Providing actionable insight and guide design decisions to the client when the external design agency always wanted to make the easiest fixes and not always the necessary one.


We were able to discover issues during the first day, some of which the vendor successfully addressed for the second day of testing. The findings from the second day were not addressed in time for the third day of testing. Even though there were challenges involving the design agency, the client gained valuable insights from the testing. In addition, they also realized that they needed to take the design back in-house.