Improving a telecommunication system

Client: A major tech company
Project Characteristics: Service Design | Cutting-edge Technology | Usability Test | Expert Review
Industry: Technology

One of the technology world leaders used an immersive telepresence system developed by another major technology company. Users of the system had reported issues and difficulties using the system. I was the project manager for this project were we applied service design combined with an expert review and usability testing.

Project goals:

  1. Evaluate where users encounter difficulties with the equipment.
  2. Provide recommendations how the concierge service can alleviate these issues in the short term until they are fixed permanently.
  3. Provide recommendations how the system can be improved long term.


  1. Rapidly gain a thorough understanding of the system and how it ties into the concierge service.
  2. Work with the client’s project schedule and making sure their work was not having any severe disruptions.
  3. Understanding issues and user needs, without having access to one core user group (C-suite executives).


By working closely with the concierge team, we were able to gain a good understanding of the system and their point of view on it. Once we had enough understanding we were able to identify issues through interviews, usability testing, and observations. The service design process was able to provide actionable changes, both short and long term.