Improving the setup process of a bluetooth hardware system

Client: Major electronics company
Project Characteristics: Usability Testing | Iterative testing | Lean UX
Industry: Hardware, Electronics

A leading manufacturer’s new product combined a hardware with an app that enabled users to control the hardware by a touch of a button on their phone. In my role as the project manager I helped them to make sure the multi-step setup process was as seamless as possible.

Project goals:

  1. Evaluate several different design ideas with multiple users in a short time span.
  2. Allow design iteration throughout the study.
  3. Provide insight and design ideas to streamline the product setup process.


  1. Creating a lean testing process for hardware product testing.
  2. Incorporating iterative design directly into the usability testing process.
  3. Generating design solutions in a short time span.


Working closely with the client’s user experience team, my team and I designed a lean, iterative usability test. As part of the test, we created short 1-2 day sprints which integrated usability testing and design. This process enabled us to test many design ideas quickly, and generated new ideas as we moved forward through the process