Iterative improvement of an online system

Client: A large financial institution in U.S.
Project Characteristics: Usability test | Iterative testing | Tested in new location | Wireframe testing
Industry: Finance

The online system (post-login) was in the process of being completely redesigned by a major U.S. financial institution’s internal UX team. Before continuing to work on their wireframes they, wanted a usability test conducted by an independent party in New York City. I was the project manager for the usability tests. Testing was split up into two days with one day in-between allowing the design team to make updates to the wireframes.

Project goals:

  1. Identify usability issues and provide design suggestions.
  2. Retest the redesign and gauge improvements.
  3. Collect metrics such as success rate and System Usability Scale scores.


  1. Testing in a new location meant having to bring all necessary equipment and set it up in a short time span.
  2. Providing a top line report (including design suggestions) within 12 hours from the last usability session.
  3. Familiarize myself with the redesign the morning of the second test day.


We were able to discover issues during the first day and successfully address these in the redesign for the second day of testing. The client was able to continue their design efforts. This engagement lead to many repeated projects with the client.