Wireframed navigation structure

Client: Regional institution
Project Characteristics: Wireframe creation | Iterative design | Varying navigation structures | Interaction design
Industry: Finance

This project was a follow-up to the Improved an institution’s information architecture project. The focus was to make sure users would be able to successfully use the navigation. I was the project manager for the creation of wireframes, which were tested later on in a lab-based usability test. After testing, findings were incorporated and enhancements were made to the wireframes.

Project goals:

  1. Create three different navigation layouts that would be tested in a lab-based usability test
  2. Use the insight gained from the usability test to improve the wireframes to better support users
  3. Deliver a set of wireframes the client could move forward with and use for the visual (graphic) design stage


  1. Since client wanted to test innovative navigation layouts, we came up with two we believed would work, and one well-established layout to make sure we at least had a safety if both of the new ones performed poorly.
  2. Perform ideation, design iterations and create interactive wireframes under a tight time frame. (Usability test was scheduled before the wireframes were completed so the delivery dates of the wireframes was not flexible)


We delivered the wireframes on time and with only minor interaction issues that were quickly fixed the following day. After the test, it was concluded that the innovative navigation options did not perform as well, so it was best to revert back to the well-established navigation structure. After observing the usability test we were able to get a head start on addressing usability issues and make adjustments so we could deliver the final functioning wireframes on time.